What is 10X Knowledge Builder

What is 10X?


How do I become a member of 10X Knowledge Builder?

10X Knowledge Builder membership is granted exclusively to 10X Coaching Club Members.

Many business owners report being ‘alone’ in their businesses. If you’re like most, your husband, wife or partner may have heard enough already - in fact, they wish you’d leave it at the door before you come home! Many just don’t understand the reality of what it takes, day to day, to successfully manage a business. Add to that the fact that the business owner can’t really go to their team to discuss a key issue when sometimes the key issue is that team! And then when it comes to sharing with other friends or colleagues in business – it happens socially with scribblings on serviettes the outcome (typically not the most productive) or, at networking events where it’s hard to share the real ‘ins and outs’ and feel confident that information will remain private.

Now, see yourself instead as part of a team of people – including your 10X Coach and your 7 peers – people who are there to support and encourage you. People who genuinely “get it”, they understand the opportunities, challenges and demands of being in business. People you can talk openly and confidentially to about your business and its future. People who become your core support team. When you imagine all that, that gives you just a small sense of the very real power of the relationships you build and benefit from, within a 10X Coaching Club.

Discover leverage

Discover the hidden leverage points in your business - the very real "levers and dials" that immediately lift your results without huge expense and drive your profits upwards.

While the 10X Coaching Club is a very real opportunity for anyone who participates, frankly, it's not for everyone. You see, while it's not in any way difficult or "hard", you do have to be committed ... Committed to making a difference in your own business and life, committed to improving the performance of your business, committed to achieving your goals and committed to taking actions that are going to produce dramatically better results.

As a result, it is very important that we identify what could be possible in your business and whether this is a match for you financially and in all aspects. We do that at what we call a 'Discovery Consultation' valued at $590.00 (when you mention you've received this, it's yours as our gift - consider it our congratulations for being someone willing to look at what's possible and potentially take on the very real development of your business).

By the way, if you don't receive clarity and value from your Discovery Consultation simply let us know and we'll give you $590.00 worth of services from your coach - FREE! (You can see, we're very confident in the difference this meeting alone makes to your business future.)

At this obligation free meeting, we take approximately an hour and a half to do some basic analysis of where you are now and where you want to be, we look at the financial, marketing and other "levers and dials" of your particular business and personal situation. We really do 'discover' ways to immediately impact your results. Then we review the likely positive financial impact 10X Coaching Club would offer you, the return on investment you can expect and how we can have this work for you, your budgets and current cash flow.

We do all this so that together, we both make sure there is a very real match between your needs and what 10X Coaching Club will offer you. If there is that match - and only if there is that strong match - we can move forward and place you in the right Club for you and your business.


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